Thursday, March 29, 2012

Regression Testing Vs Re-Testing

No Regression Testing Re-Testing
1 In Regression Testing after checking the fixation of the bug to verify it's not generated any side effect of the application In Re-Testing we check whether the bug fixed or not
2 Testing the test case in the new build Testing the test case in same build but different inputs
3 Regression testing involves executing test case that were passed earlier build Retesting involves executing test case that were failed earlier build
4 Testing the application after change in module or part of the application for testing because the change code will affect rest of the application Testing the certain part of the application again without considering how it will affect other part of the application


  1. Second point is not clear.

    Both regression and retesting are done in new build.
    only difference is in retesting we test failure test cases and in regression we test passed test cases also.

    1. Hi Ajay ,
      some time we do retesting of the same build again n again just to
      confirm that the same build is working according to the
      specification.That's mean running same test case with different input on same build.That's my second point.

      And in Regression testing is rerunning the test cases on newer builds. Here when i Say new build means code change and configuration changes.

      So you might do retesting on new build but it depend at which situation you are retesting . are you saying that The build is new build when after developer fixed the bug and developer gives you for testing. Then it's ok.but again the point is i can say that build corrected build, modified build it is depend which terminology you used .

      I hope you understood ...

  2. answers were in keen presentation..........

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